Point B Inc., a firm helping organizations with critical customer engagement, growth investments, workforce experience, and operations excellence, has partnered with Vettd.ai. The latter is a research and technology firm that commercializes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help businesses interpret and prioritize large volumes of information at ease.

Together, Point B and Vettd.ai have developed unique AI solutions that leverage powerful natural language processing to assess information from the perspectives of important decision-makers.

With comprehensive services and strategies, this alliance bridges the gap between talent and technology. Most firms are confronted with this issue when they optimize an employee’s time spent and analyze information that requires personal attention. The partnership will also reduce the time spent on tricky chores that hamper overall action time.

Experts’ view

Kevin Mackey, Technology Executive and Owner at Point B, said, “Point B’s customers look to us for solutions that focus on their people first. Vettd.ai’s ability to create high-trust, intelligent automation helps our customers accelerate and improve insights, recommendations, decisions, and actions for faster, better outcomes.”

Mackey added: “A great example of this is in talent acquisition. Combining Point B’s long history of delivering mission-critical process improvements with Vettd’s breakthroughs in natural language processing significantly improves the efficiency of each recruiter within an organization, delivering a 50% increase in campaign spend and an 85% increase in acceptance rates.”

Andrew Buhrmann, Co-Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer at Vettd.ai, said, “The ability for Point B and Vettd.ai to develop end-to-end process improvements together that integrate artificial intelligence built specifically for a client using their own data is extremely exciting.”

Buhrmann added: “Using this technology to evolve talent acquisition practices has always been a passion of ours, and having an expertly trained consulting team overseeing the implementation, change management and data analysis ensures our clients maximize its benefits for all people involved and provides careful oversight for long-term success.”