• Writer claims that Knowledge Graph may correlate language from marketers with business data stored in a company’s internal systems.
  • The platform may generate content independently based on user input via Writer Ask, a chat interface.

A new set of features from Writer Inc., a business with an artificial intelligence platform for content creation, were unveiled to make the work of marketing teams easier.

Writer, based in San Francisco, received venture funding worth USD 26 million. With the help of its platform, businesses can quickly produce product listings, knowledge base articles, and other content. According to the startup, large tech companies, including UiPath Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., and Spotify Technology SA, use the platform.

Knowledge Graph, a new feature, is added to Writer’s feature set. The startup claims that with this skill, businesses can ensure that the text they produce is accurate. For content teams, it also promises to expedite research efforts.

Marketers frequently create content that provides details on the products or other aspects of their business. In order to spot potential accuracy issues, Writer claims that Knowledge Graph may correlate language from marketers with business data stored in a company’s internal systems. Knowledge Graph can highlight a factually erroneous sentence and correct it if it detects one.

Knowledge Graph can consume a variety of corporate data types, claims Writer. It can pull data from films, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and other files in addition to business documents. Connecting the applications where a company’s data is stored to Knowledge Graph is made simpler by prepackaged integrations.

Writer claims that the Knowledge Graph leverages the data it consumes to help content teams with research in addition to using it to highlight erroneous language. When using a chat interface, you can ask a query like “How many products does our e-commerce store carry” and have the data instantly obtained. The data can then be included in the text by the content teams.

The company reported, “Writer LLMs don’t reserve the right to keep or use your data. Your Knowledge Graph is always kept completely isolated from other companies’ data, and you even have the option to self-host your Knowledge Graph.”

Based on user input via Writer Ask, a chat interface, the platform may generate content on its own. Users can produce content based on information consumed by the new Knowledge Graph function later this year. Additionally, it will automatically incorporate data from uploaded files, like brochures, into AI-generated text.

The Writer’s Platform is built using a collection of exclusive large language models. The startup unveiled a feature enabling users to run its models on their own infrastructure as part of today’s product update.

Businesses in highly regulated sectors frequently need the ability to host critical applications on internal hardware. In Writer’s opinion, the new AI self-hosting option would make it practicable for these businesses to include Writer’s LLMs into their apps. It also claims that the functionality will simplify modifying the models to meet a company’s needs.