Inductiv, a Canada-based machine learning company, is now owned by Apple.

Apple recently purchased the machine learning start-up, Inductiv, for an undisclosed sum. With this purchase, the company also marks a pattern of slow but steady investment in AI (Artificial Intelligence) focused start-ups.

Established in Waterloo, Ontario, Inductiv is an enterprise that offers a stage to use AI for detecting and fixing errors in raw data automatically. It is, simultaneously, essential to understand that cleaning data is a tiring process but inevitable for training an AI to carry out its activities successfully. Interestingly, implementing AI to cater to that very specific need can boost machine learning.

How does Inductiv help?

A few weeks ago, engineers from Inductive worked on Siri and its data science, and the primary reason for this acquisition was banking on Inductiv’s talent more than the technology angle.

Cleaner data is the secret to enhancing voice assistants for improved predictions. This means the use of machine learning from an energetic pack of engineers from Inductiv can help reduce mistakes in the journey of adapting to new users and software.

More on the deal

Apple has not been candid about the deal, but the company rarely talks about its acquisitions. In the case of Inductiv, the bigger mystery is that the company website no longer exists and was never archived by Wayback Machine or any other website backup service.

Apple and its acquisition call

Acquiring smaller and tech-specific companies is a trend followed by tech giants, such as Apple, with an aim to master newer technologies and deploy services of people behind their products. For tech giants, it is easier and faster, and, at times, even less expensive to acquire a budding company rather than starting research and everything from scratch.

Apple also follows this trend, especially when technologies such as AI and machine learning are in question.

Past acquisitions by Apple

In April 2020, Apple took over Voysis, a start-up that offers a platform for retailers to implement voice orders. It is speculated that Apple might utilize the expertise by Voysis to enable Siri for a better understanding and respond to what people say.