MaxQ AI is a tech-driven company that focuses on building AI applications that can enable doctors to deliver faster and more accurate decisions when diagnosing illnesses related to stroke, brain injury, and a huge list of life-threating medical conditions. To add more precision to this, the company has chosen Flywheel as their machine learning partner for data management and curation with an aim to achieve effectiveness in their machine learning workflow.

Tom Neufelder, Chief Technology Officer of MaxQ, said, “We selected Flywheel for our machine learning data management due to their unique strengths in medical imaging and research workflows,” he added, “With Flywheel, we can streamline, capture quality control, and curate data from our research institution partners enabling us to focus on innovation and development of high-value solutions for our customers.”

Several top research institutions are AI developers, who are opting for Flywheel to power imaging research and data management and machine learning applications.

More about Flywheel innovations

Flywheel, in the recent past, has successfully launched a myriad of features that focuses on enhancing machine learning workflows. A few of them are outlined below:

A) Image Annotation Workflows: They support labeling of specific image features, including support for blind multi-reader studies.

B) Advanced Multimodal Search: to streamline the process of finding data to support ML training, including the ability to search image annotations.  

C) ML Training Sets: to simplify training workflows and related documentation to support reproducibility and FDA approvals.