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Cybersecurity Trends 2020: Technology is getting smarter. Are we?

Cybersecurity Trends 2020: Technology is getting smarter. Are we?

Published By: Research Desk Released: Feb 13, 2020

Cybersecurity Trends 2020: Technology is getting smarter. Are we?

How not to let smart technology outsmart you in the upcoming decade? Thanks to our extensive knowledge base, we’re giving you a head start.

In the Cybersecurity Trends 2020 report, ESET’s leading researchers offer their reflections on themes that are set to figure prominently this year. Watch out for these pitfalls to ensure a secure and prosperous 2020. Fake news, meddling the elections, deepfakes – those are not just popular buzzwords, but potentially serious issues one shouldn’t take lightly. Use this report to anticipate the incoming issues and challenges that await you this year. What you will learn:

  • 2020: The fog thickens.“20/20 vision”, or just another blurry year for the democratic process?
  • The double-edged sword of Machine Learning.Is ML creating security or attacking it?
  • Privacy sea changeSafeguarding of digital data. What has been done and what remains to be done for the tide to turn?
  • From IoT devices to smart cities.Smart technology is changing the way we live. What about the security side of things?
  • Securing the digital transformation.How to set out on a new path and reap the benefits without getting derailed?