As a global lead provider in AI-enabled computer vision and data analytics platforms for remote digital inspections, Qii.AI has launched its first Augmented Reality (AR) module to use with the Microsoft Hololens 2. The platform is already available to existing users of Qii.AI.

Module details

After its launch in 2020, the Qii.AI platform has successfully proved itself as the greatest suite of visual data management and analysis applications for producers and consumers of visual inspection data from drones.

The Qii.AI platform provides users with facilities such as rapidly label, train, and manage sparse data to achieve AI (artificial intelligence) functionality at scale.

Details on Qii.AI

Qii.AI works as an artificial intelligence development company dedicated to developing deep technology and pushing limits on computer vision and machine learning. For the drone inspection market, the Qii.AI platform acts as a visual analytics platform.

Qii.AI enables users to analyze, optimize, and share visual asset data securely. It lets various organizations implement customized AI learning to leverage visual data for more proactive remote digital inspections.

Expert view

The company’s growing demand for delivery of its tech in conjunction with augmented reality and similar technologies, made Michael Cohen, CEO at Qii.AI, comment: “Delivering Qii.AI inspection data via the Microsoft Hololens 2 allows us to provide inspectors with an even more immersive experience and the highest possible degree of situational awareness. One can even imagine asset managers, inspectors, and other stakeholders meeting within the virtual reality of their asset imagery to collaboratively review inspection data together. This is the latest example of the kind of deep tech innovation you can expect to keep seeing from our team.”