• The performance and video streaming capabilities of Vuzix smart glasses will allow TeamViewer’s Frontline to deliver a fully integrated productivity solution platform.
  • The two companies have brought together best-of-breed hardware and software, providing frontline workers with an optimum solution to work safely, accurately, and efficiently.

Vuzix Corporation, a leading supplier of smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) technology and products, announced its decision to jointly demonstrate TeamViewer Frontline, an AR platform, with TeamViewer at the ongoing CES 2022 event in Las Vegas this week. The coming together of TeamViewer Frontline and Vuzix smart glasses, known for providing an optimal combination of all-day comfort and performance across industries, signals that more and more organizations on the value chain can stand by the promise of a truly connected workforce.

Going forward, Vuzix is looking to expanding its partnership with TeamViewer to focus on developing strategic accounts across selected verticals, including logistics, retail, and manufacturing.

TeamViewer Frontline, the world’s first and fully integrated enterprise platform for frontline

workers, fosters a connected workforce in the true sense that is more productive and satisfied due to hands-free working and improved ergonomics.

Workflows and immediate remote support tools can increase frontline production workers’ productivity, thus creating massive potential for cost savings. Reducing error rates in logistics, production, and assembly processes will increase the overall quality, reduce complaints, and result in greater ROI. A set of pre-configured components allows frontline users to access advanced workflow features, including speech-to-text, video calls, IoT sensor integration, document viewers for PDF files, and many more.

Expert Take

“Vuzix is an industry leader that fields a competitive family of smart glasses, and we are proud to have them support Frontline,” said Hendrik Witt, Chief Product Officer of TeamViewer. “Frontline is a fully integrated productivity solution platform that can leverage the performance and video streaming capabilities of Vuzix smart glasses to the fullest. We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with Vuzix in 2022 and beyond as we collaborate on capitalizing on significant deployment opportunities across numerous geographies and industry verticals.”

“The combination of TeamViewer Frontline and Vuzix smart glasses brings together best-of-breed hardware and software to provide frontline workers with an optimum solution that lets them work safer, more accurately, and more efficiently,” said Paul Travers, President, and CEO of Vuzix. “We are already working with TeamViewer on numerous customer engagements around the world and look forward to increasing the depth and breadth of Vuzix smart glasses deployments with their solutions moving forward.”