• AmazeVR is working with Ceraadi to stage a concert in late November soon after fall.
  • It blends soulful music and technology to produce novel multi-sensory experiences for people during the lockdown.
  • AmazeVR had already collaborated with studios such as Felix Paul and Atlas V Studios and agreed to team up with Ceraadi.
  • To enjoy the concert, one will need Valve Index, HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift VR headset.

Coronavirus pandemic hit countries across the globe that compelled the revocation of live events for the coming years. But this does not mean that live performances are moving toward extinction. The use of enhanced technologies, such as virtual reality, has made it easy to experience live events without any fear of the virus spread.

AmazeVR is the modern platform to broadcast completely mesmerizing virtual concerts. It is working with Ceraadi, a Los Angeles-based Hip Hop and R and amp;B sister duo, to perform a concert in late November 2020. This solo concert will help Ceraadi to showcase their talent to the globe.

VR is reforming live music

AmazeVR blends technology and poignant music to produce novel multi-sensory experiences for individuals in quarantine. They will utilize stereoscopic computer-produced features, high-resolution video feed, and haptic motion to deliver a hypnotic virtual experience.

VR concert is easy to produce and needs a few artists and fewer days. AmazeVR had collaborated with studios, including Felix Paul and Atlas V, in the past. Later, it decided to work with Ceraadi.

In this pandemic situation, VR is helping to gather people together from across the globe in one place, devoid of any fear of getting affected by COVID-19. Composers get infinite alternatives for sharing music with listeners via VR.

Grammy-winner Imogen Heap is leading this musical transformation. She used TheWaveVR to produce the first VR recital experience. She rolled herself into a hologram in a computer-generated space, adding graphics and special effects that are difficult to produce in real life. VR concerts allow simulated communication amongst concertgoers.

Jean-Michel Jarre, a French musician, recently hosted a VR event. In the digital space, the VR headset users interacted with one another via avatars. They experienced the quintessential features of a virtual gig, such as sick beats and dazzling lights, without leaving their residences.

Quarantine – Ceraadi VR concert

As folks are wasting more time at home, thus are exploring other ways to treat their emotions. They need both safe and new experiences. VR headsets are cost-efficient than they were five years ago, thus, encouraging people for VR adoption.

Sisters and bandmates Saiyr and Emaza Gibson form the duo Ceraadi and signed under Jay-Z’s record label “Roc Nation.” Few of Ceraadi’s singles include “That’s What She’d Say,” “Loyal,” and “Dumbstruck.” They have remained at the leading position of the digital trends sweeping the industry.

The VR concert will be conducted in late November this year, and the ticket rates will be revealed soon after this fall. To enjoy the concert, one will need Valve Index, HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift VR headset. Later, one can download the AmazeVR app to go to the show.

At the time of the concert, one can enroll in the in-person activities and view pre-recorded concerts in socially distanced buses with full protective gear.

About AmazeVR

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