Rendever, a virtual reality (VR) provider for seniors, announced that it took Pico Interactive’s G2 4K Enterprise headset as a hardware choice. Designed with the enterprise in mind, Pico’s VR headsets allow the G2 4K Enterprise to fit Rendever’s current needs and enable further developments.

The Rendever platform aims to reduce depression and loneliness by building personal connections amongst the people facing limited access, especially for senior living communities to healthcare and hospice organizations.

The VR headsets in each Rendever system are connected to help participants share synchronous immersive experiences. Physical limitations are no longer a barrier. Seniors can go through the bucket list items together, stay engaged with family members, travel or revisit meaningful places, share stories, and more.

“We are thrilled to work with Pico to provide high-quality hardware for our senior living partners. The G2 4K Enterprise headset will not only support our current resident engagement platform but also allow us to expand our offerings,” said Tom Neumann, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Rendever. “The transition to Pico hardware has been seamless due to the unmatched flexibility of their enterprise offering, and will empower our engineering team to continuously improve our software and add to our suite of custom interactive applications.”

The G2 4K Enterprise headset features best-in-class 4K resolution, a 16 MP single RGB camera, 101° field of view, and 128 GB storage. The Rendever’s platform comprises an all-PU facial interface and a counterbalanced design that allows for easy cleaning, bringing safety and comfort to seniors.

“We are excited to help Rendever best serve its clients, giving seniors a way to explore the world with their family and friends. Rendever’s mission to overcome social isolation is top of mind as we support their transition to the G2 4K Enterprise,” said Ennin Huang, Vice President of Design at Pico Interactive.

Rendever has already rolled out Pico’s headsets for some senior living communities, such as Evergreen Home for Special Care and Go Ye Village.