Conduent reveals its Augmented Reality solution to the market and makes it available for customers across its services lines in the public and commercial sectors.

Driven by Conduent’s extensive experience in deploying technology to build business transactions for industries right from healthcare to workers’ compensation and consumer purchases, making them simpler and more efficient. The new AR solution by the company focuses on offering businesses a more visual system to interact with stakeholders such as customers, employees, members, patients, and other audiences.

Here, interactive technology opens avenues to bring to life objects and environments to change life and offer better user experience and results across a wide range of industries and business applications.

More about the new AR solution

Conduent’s distinguished services and solutions enhance experiences for millions of people every day, including about two-thirds of patients insured in the US. Additionally, 25 million cardholders involved in cashless transactions and 11 million employees who use its HR services.

Backed with Conduent’s expertise, the newly engineered AR solution has the potential to integrate with a wide scale of business applications like retail, aviation, healthcare, and other industries to improve customer service, enhanced productivity, and accelerate revenue streams and reduce costs via new self-service capabilities.