Facebook is firm on not having its hardware such as Oculus and AR glasses to depend on Google as a result of their dependency on the Android operating system. As per The Information’s Alex Health, this why Facebook has assigned co-author of Microsoft’s Windows NT Mark Lucovsky with the development of a brand-new operation system exclusively for the social media giant.

Facebook’s VP of Hardware, Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, says, “We really want to make sure the next generation has space for us.” He adds, “We don’t think we can trust the marketplace or competitors to ensure that’s the case. And so, we’re going to do it ourselves.”

By operating on its private OS, Facebook is likely to gain more freedom for social interaction and privacy to the core of its device. This plan also focuses on preventing disagreement between Facebook and Google that could disrupt roadmaps for its gadgets. 

Additionally, Facebook tells TechCrunch that the agenda of the roadmap is to focus on what’s required for AR glasses. And as of now, the social media giant is exploring all options that include potential partnerships with other tech companies or building a custom operating system, especially for augmented reality on the checklist.

When asked Facebook about that one perk of building its OS? The answer was interesting and is quoted below.

“It could make it tougher to force Facebook to spin out some of its acquisitions, especially if Facebook goes with Instagram branding for its future augmented reality glasses.”