Google has some exciting news on the innovation front as it receives a patent in India for creating virtual graffiti in a mobile virtual and augmented reality system. And the innovation will help you leave a message for your friend at a location in the future.

Not sure what it is?

Google’s patent specification filed with the Patent Office explains that with virtual graffiti, if a person visits a restaurant and wants his or her friend to try a specific delicacy, he or she can leave a virtually written message on the restaurant door. When the friend reaches the restaurant on a future date, he or she will be notified about the virtual graffiti message. The message then can be read by the friend with an augmented reality system.

This innovation claims that when a user with an AR-enabled device wants to share a virtual graffiti to another user with an AR system, he or she can also associate the location and give the list of users who have the permission to view it. The device will then work toward sending information to the server, which will periodically monitor the location of devices of the listed users, and when any of the devices come in the vicinity, the system will notify the user through an alert. Then the listed user in the vicinity can view the graffiti.

More about the patent

The patent application for a ‘Method and Apparatus for creating virtual graffiti in a mobile virtual and augmented reality system,’ initially was filed by Motorola Mobility Inc, back in June 2011 and then was changed to Google Technology Holding LLC in 2016 post the Google’s acquisition of Motorola in 2012 for $12.5 billion and later sold it to Lenovo for $2.91 billion in the year 2014.