Picosun Group, the provider of the most advanced AGILE ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) thin-film coating solutions for global industries, has significantly reinforced its local service units globally and established its PicoSupport Center.

PicoSupport Center gives on-site support and planned service items such as ALD system installations and preventive maintenance visits undertaken by highly experienced, trained, and certified field service engineers. It functions to handle customers’ Helpdesk and Emergency Service operations.

PicoSupport Center’s Helpdesk holds primary state-of-the-art remote support tools seeking advantage of augmented/mixed reality, screen sharing, live video, and remote connection applications.

According to Industry 4.0, the tools offer safe and on-time service delivery irrespective of the customer’s physical location or time zone. It also provides an endless upgradable platform for the further embedding of e-learning modules and remote training with full virtual reality environments.

Picosun’s customers have also begun to use the remote support software. The remote applications are used for various tasks, including device inspections and troubleshooting as well as software updates, bug fixes, and process optimizations.

“I’m very proud to say that we have been able to adapt to the changing environment by employing new ways of interaction to ensure continued customer satisfaction. The feedback on the new remote support applications has been very positive. Customers find them easy to use and have benefitted from them in terms of faster reaction times and lower costs compared to traditional on-site services,” says Timo Malinen, VP, Service Business Area of Picosun Group.

“As our customers’ trusted strategic ALD partner, we are committed to top-notch and uninterrupted services, despite the changes in the world we operate in. We are looking forward to further enhance and develop the ways with which we can ensure smooth and trouble-free operations together with our customers,” Malinen concludes.

At the start of 2020, various organizations around the globe realized the importance of remote working and made plans to adapt to the new ways of working. This helped them to serve their customers better during the COVID-19 pandemic and also deal with the related restrictions toward travel and logistics.

Picosun’s ALD solutions made technological leap possible for the future, with turn-key production processes that focused expertise in the field, which dates back to the invention of technology itself.

Picosun ALD equipment is now manufactured daily and is used in numerous leading industries around the world. It is currently based in Finland with subsidiaries in Germany, Singapore, Japan, the US, South Korea, China mainland, and Taiwan and holds offices in India, France, and a worldwide sales and support network.