Taqtile, a keen provider of enterprise software leveraging augmented reality (AR) for knowledge capture and sharing, and Booz Allen Hamilton, management and information technology consulting, have joined hands to showcase the capabilities of 5G and Taqtile’s ‘Manifest’ augmented reality (AR) platform.

The project is taking place at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) in Washington state, US. The platform is designed to test the scalability, security, and resilience of 5G networks along with the advanced capabilities of augmented and virtual reality (VR).

The Department of Defense (DoD) invested about USD 600 million in the project to test 5G at five US military sites. According to the DoD, the project is recognized as ‘the largest full-scale 5G test for dual-use applications in the world’. The projects’ components include implementing 5G-enabled AR/VR platforms for equipment maintenance and repairs, use in smart warehouses, and mission planning and training.

“The JBLM project is an innovative collaboration between 5G providers and AR category leaders like Taqtile,” stated Chris Christou, Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton. “We expect this project to set a new standard for deploying advanced wireless applications on military installations.”

“We will break new ground through our work with Booz Allen Hamilton, demonstrating the advanced capabilities and tangible benefits of 5G and the Manifest AR platform on a military base,” said Dirck Schou, CEO of Taqtile. “The ability to use Manifest and 5G to put knowledge at the fingertips of frontline military personnel will make them exponentially more efficient and effective at their tasks.”

Taqtile stated that Manifest could serve as a digital repository for maintenance and repair information, including video and audio notes and related documents. Repair information that is unique to the equipment may be seamlessly shared between employees, reducing delays and the chance of human error. Manifest can automatically upload all saved documents to a centralized maintenance queue for fast access to correct materials.

According to Taqtile, the project aims to strengthen a strategic partnership between the company and Booz Allen Hamilton to drive XR capabilities into DoD. “Booz Allen is committed to remaining on the edge, integrating and deploying advanced capabilities for the warfighter,” stated Eric Billies, Booz Allen’s Principal, guiding business in the Pacific Northwest that includes delivering immersive solutions for multiple defense clients. “That is why partnering with companies like Taqtile is so valuable – combining applications like Manifest with other technologies including 5G, AI/ML and cybersecurity helps our clients realize the power of XR for mission execution.”